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King Of Fighters 99 December 13, 2000 – Fans of the King of Fighters games breathed a sigh of relief when Agetec took it upon themselves to publish King of Fighters ’99 Evolution for the US Dreamcast. The fact that it took this long to get a publisher for a fun 2D fighting game with gameplay depth states something that we’ve been trying to ignore – 2D games are becoming an extinct video game species. Oh sure, Capcom and SNK are two of the main proponents that have supported 2D animation, but even they have dabbled heavily into the 3D fighting market, and not with quite the success of their legendary 2D games. Of course, 3D visuals are more attractive to the new generation of gamers than hand-drawn quality animation and that partly explains why both Capcom and SNK are making more and more 3D fighting games. And with SNK, it’s not that great

of an idea; with the shakeup in the company structure and a history of making mediocre 3D fighting games (i.e. Samurai Shodown 64, eek!), SNK’s 3D abilities are average at best. So, I leave the question to you readers: how important are 2D games to you? For me, I consider it a blessing whenever I get a chance to play a solid 2D fighting game. And even though it has flaws here and there, I definitely would go out and get King of Fighters’ 99 Evolution, not only because it’s a fun fighting game, but to keep 2D alive and maybe get even a few SNK 2D fighters