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PES 2012 (Pro Evolution Soccer)
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    1.2 GB

Minimum requirements:

        * Processor: Intel Pentium IV MHz.
        * Memory: 1 GB.
        * Free space: 8 GB.
        * DirectX 9.0c.

Recommended requirements:

        * Processor: Intel Core2 Duo MHz.
        * Memory: 2 GB.
        * Free space: 8 GB.
        * DirectX 9.0c

What's changed in PES 2012?

Changes in PES 2012 are largely centered around gameplay and team play, allowing players to make the most of tactical opportunities. Among the changes in PES 2012 are:

- New AI engine for a more realistic team play experience
- Attackers and defenders move as a more cohesive unit, allowing players to force mistakes
- New cursor-switching system allows players to pick a team mate anywhere on the pitch
- Improved jostling system and more realistic player collisions
- Other changes including improved animation, more player styles, enhanced lighting effects, improved dead ball system, and more

How does the new AI system work?

Always known for putting gameplay first, many of the changes in PES 2012 are to the game's artificial intelligence. Teammates and opponents are designed to act in a more authentic way and be tougher to beat. Five key areas have been focused on - overlapping runs, diagonal runs, dummy runs, zonal defense, and zonal marking.

A new off-the-ball running system in PES 2012 opens up new opportunities and gives you greater control of your team. Using the right analog stick you can select an off-the-ball player and make him run while still retaining control of the player with the ball. The controls for this are fiddly and hard to get used to but well worth persevering with because it allows you to find openings or drag defenders out of position to create space.

The defensive improvements in PES 2012 are impressive too, with teams now holding formation much better when under attack. Defending feels more intelligent. It's no longer enough just to hold a button down to apply pressure to an attacker and rob the ball. With PES 2012 you need to make sure you position the defender in the right place first then time your lunge with precision.

The combination of improved AI of the attacking unit and the susceptibility of defenders in one-on-ones seems to make it easier to create chances in PES 2012 than previous versions, meaning less low-scoring games than before.