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Download free full Game FreeStyle Street Basketball 2012 nba

FreeStyle Street Basketball is a MMORPG developed by JC Entertainment. There are several different versions of this game for different regions. The North American version, which was published by Sierra Online has been discontinued. GameKiss FreeStyle Street Baskball is now available to all players in all countries

and Exp The game utilizes an experience based leveling system like most other MMORPG. When you have reached a certain EXP requirement, you will level up to the next level. When you level up; you will be rewarded with Attribute points, which make your character stronger, faster, etc. Points and GKash There are 2 types of currencies in FSSB, points and GKash. Points are rewarded after each game like EXP. And GKash is purchased with real money via PayPal. Both are used to buy Skills, Freestyles, Clothes, and various accessories. Although, there are certain items and skills that can only be bought by GKash. Some clothing items have an expiration date, and will disappear after the date. Attribute Points By leveling up, you character increases in attributes. Middle: Increases your accuracy for mid-range shots. 2 Point: Increases your accuracy for in-the-paint shots. 3 Point: Increases your accuracy for 3pts shots. Dunk Lay-up : Increases your accuracy for dunks and lay-ups/3-stepping Running: Increases movement speed. Jump: Increases your blocking, rebounding, and dunking lay ups range; also decreases delays after jumps Block dunk rebound) Power: Increases your chances to push other players with lower power, and less chance of being pushed. Dribble: Decreases the delays between fake dribbles, and make it harder for others to steal the ball. Steal: Increases your chance to steal, steal speed and intercept passes. Block: Increases your block range and timing; and decreases delay after block. Pass: Increases your passing ability, hence, reduce the chance of intercept from opponents. Rebound: Increases your rebounding height, range, and timing