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Since it does not follow the script of the movie, the game instead allows the player to create a cow, boy or girl, and choose different fur colors and patterns. Once the character creation process is completed, the player can begin to do missions for other characters. They can also receive missions through their cell phones, via text message. In the beginning the player may only explore inside the barnyard, but after several of missions revolving around the main characters the player receives a key to the barnyard gate and a key for a bicycle, and the player is able to explore other parts of the neighborhood. Also, the missions cannot be skipped; they must be completed in order for the game to advance. Then, eventually, after a multitude of missions, the player will have to complete a boss level involving coyotes, and then the player finishes the game and is free to roam

There are many locations throughout the game.This lists several significant places.

* 1. Barnyard

This is where the game starts,and where many actions take place. You sleep here as well as save your game here, and meet many of the animals that are characters in the game. You are only allowed to roam here in the beginning,but as the game progresses,you'll see the other places mentioned.You can find the barn,which contains ice,chocolate,milk,cream,and butter.You can,however,only get them once per game day. It also contains the chicken coop,where you can get eggs,but you are restricted to 1 per day. The kitchen is where you can cook up meals. At night,the barn becomes a "Night Barn" which sort of resembles a night club. Here you can mix up drinks with the ingriedients you collect.The only fruit to be found here are apples.Also,in the Barnyard,is your shed.This is where you sleep and save your game.

* 2.Vegetable Patch

This is where you collect vegetables.The vegetables that are found here are strawberries,melons,pumpkins,carrots,and cabbage.To access this place,once you leave the barnyard,turn LEFT.At the next intersection,turn LEFT again.The entrance is on your right.

* 3.Dandelion Meadow

A meadow that has many flowers and a few hay bales but nothing else.Daisy and Bessy often sunbathe here.

* 4.Ben's Hill

A hill that overlooks the barnyard.It is one of Ben's favorite places.He will ask you up here several times in the course of the game.Later,after Ben's dies,he is buried up on this hill.

* 5.Dankweed Pond

A small pond adjacent to the Barnyard.Other than a few flowers,and a small pier,there is nothing else here.The path is a shortcut from Ben's hill to the barnyard.

* 6.Walnut Woods

A dense forest with tons of walnut trees where you can collect walnuts.The trees are along the East Path,NOT the walnut woods key path.The Walnut Woods key,though,lets you collect honey.

* 7.Old Mill

A mill that has a recipe rock inside it.The mill is very difficult to get in to.The path leads from the Dandelion Meadow to the Beady Farm.

* 8.Beady Farm

The neighbor's farm,which has cherries growing on it.The path goes from the old mill all the way to Izzy Springs.

* 9.Izzy Springs Golf Course

A 9 hole golf course.This is one of Otis's favorite places.It is accessible by the Beady Farm Path or the South Path.

* 10.Gopher Hill

A hill where the Gopher Underground Shop is located.To access,leave the barnyard and go STRAIGHT.It is not hard to climb.Just keep jumping.

* 11.Gopher Underground Shop

A shop that sells human objects.They sell a wide array of objects,from bike upgrades to disco dance floors.The shop is only accessible at night.

* 12.East Path

A path that starts near Gopher Hill ,goes through the Walnut Woods,and ends in the Beady Farm.You can find walnuts along this path.

* 13.South Path

A path that starts at Gopher Hill and ends at the back entrance to Izzy Springs.

* 14.Grizzly Gulch

This place is near the Junkyard.The North Path Runs through it.

* 15.North Path

This path starts at Dankweed Pond and ends on Ben's Hill,running through Grizzly Gulch

Everything you collect goes into your inventory.This should help you navigate through it.

* Cell Phone:Any animal who has a mission or invitation for you will send you a text message.You can know if you have a new message because every time there is one,an envelope icon appears on your screen.
* Knapsack:All raw food items go into here.You are allowed a maximum of 20 of each.
* Flower Pack:All the flowers you collect goes into this pack.You are allowed a max of 20 bundles per species.(ex.20 bundles of bluebells,20 bundles of Foxgloves,etc.)
* Notebook:All of the notes you collect go into the notebook.There are 64 notes total.
* Mocktail Book:This is a reward Pig gives you early in the game,after completing his apple pie mission.

Drink recipes are stored here.

* Cookbook:Like above,but food recipes are stored here instead of drinks.
* Bike Keys:Otis gives you these after you beat all the pigs in Mud Jumpers.This key enables you to ride your bike.
* Gold Rush Tokens:These tokens can be inserted into gold rush machines.This enables you to get a ton of coins in a limited time.
* Tin Cans:These are found in the ground with a metal detector.
* Metal Detector:After doing the daisy mission for Otis,he will give you a metal detector.You can find any metal objects,from tin cans to coins to gopher traps.
* Map:A map of the neighborhood.
* Score Card:A card that records your highest score in the minigames you've played.
* Apple Pie:Another reward given to you by Pig early in the game.
* Gopher Traps:These are found in the Izzy Springs Golf Course,near the sand bunkers

Barnyard is a 2006 party game based on the animated film of the same name. It has been released for the Nintendo GameCube, PlayStation 2, Game Boy Advance, PC, and the Wii

System requirements
Operating System: Windows® ME/2000/XP English
DirectX®: 9.0
Processor: Pentium® III 700 MHz or 100% compatible processor
RAM: 256 MB
Video Cards: GeForce 3 or equivalent