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Download free full Game Shadow of Rome 2012


Shadow of Rome free pc game full version download game for pc is a video game for the PlayStation 2 (PS2) console. It is a hybrid fighting/stealth game set in ancient Rome and loosely based around the assassination of Julius Caesar


Shadow Of Rome has two main types of gameplay. There are close quarters combat levels involving Agrippa that take place in various gladiatorial arenas throughout the Roman empire. Secondly, there are stealth-based puzzle-solving adventure levels intermixed between the combat ones involving Octavianus that take place in the vicinity of Rome's bases of political power. In addition to these two main gameplay types, there are a few levels where the player controls Agrippa in chariot races. The viewpoint is third-person perspective behind the hero. Shadow Of Rome can be played at 'Normal' or 'Hard' difficulty levels. Additionally, once the game is beaten on both these settings, a new 'Extreme' difficulty becomes available.

The game is divided into 4 chapters. As the game progresses, Agrippa encounters different types of weapons to use. Weapons break after repeated use. A Salvo is a unique combat technique that Agrippa may perform during battle. Performing multiple different Salvos within a short time period increases the audience's excitement, and increases the chance of them throwing newer, more dangerous weapons to Agrippa for his use.

The frequent acquisition of new weapons from the onlookers is a must, since a player's current weapons have only a limited durability, and so break after a few strikes/blocks. Again, 'Salvo strings' become an essential part of surviving later in the game. Some of them are unique in that they can only be performed in certain events, or against certain foes.

During Octavianus' levels, the player can collect coins that allow the player to purchase special items from the various merchants at the city gates. These items are, mainly, just decorations for Octavianus' room. Buying a certain number of items unlocks special costumes which Octavianus can wear. Achieving certain ranks in the arena battles (Bronze, Silver, or Gold) on the various difficulty levels will unlock certain secrets like minigames and cheats. Completing an arena battle unlocks it in the Battle Selection menu

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